Onboarding and structured knowledge sharing

Ensuring that your employees have the right knowledge is crucial for productivity, quality and motivation. Champ is the tool that facilitates onboarding, training, knowledge-sharing and competence management – without having to use manuals or comprehensive documentation.

The following companies use Champ to ensure knowledge transfer:

50% faster onboarding

50% faster onboarding

The faster and better businesses can transfer job-specific knowledge to new employees, the faster those employees will generate more value for the company.

Minimising errors through training and knowledge sharing

Minimising errors will improve bottom line

Many errors are caused by staff who lack the knowledge they should have. Errors affect productivity and customer satisfaction and thus the bottom line in the short term and long term alike.

Bringing in new staff results in an attractive workplace

An attractive workplace

A strong plan for how new employees become successful and develop professionally is crucial for talents when they decide where to work.

Our way of creating expert employees

Champ gives me peace of mind because I know that our employees are properly prepared and that we spend our time efficiently in training them, not least during the onboarding process. Our new employees are significantly faster at creating value for Oxygen and our company is also more attractive to new talents.

Christian Juel COO, Oxygen A/S

Everybody’s talking about knowledge sharing

Champ is the tool that makes it happen

Champ is a cloud-based tool for creating simple, effective and personalised training of employees at all levels of an organisation. The tool focuses on linking up the knowledge inherent in the organisation with experts, managers and employees to ensure that this knowledge remains dynamic and is possessed by the right people.

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The most important Champ features...

  • Focused training

    The key element of Champ is to facilitate training in what is important to each individual employee and to ensure that he or she is trained by the right person. It is all about entrusting new employees with what the organisation already knows.

  • Activating experts

    Experts are key to identifying and disseminating essential know-how and knowledge. We give them the tool to boost the rest of the organisation to a higher professional level.

  • Minimal documentation

    Most of a company’s knowledge is inside the heads of its employees. Therefore, we focus on the structured transfer of knowledge between people, rather than on documentation.

  • Status, follow-up and overview

    Employees, experts, mentors and managers are introduced to what is essential for keeping knowledge dynamic and for running processes efficiently.

  • Visible and accessible knowledge

    We highlight the knowledge that exists within the organisation and identify the experts and those who possess specific knowledge. One click and the employee is trained in how to obtain and use this knowledge.

  • Knowledge of successful training

    A successful learning process is about knowledge and about focusing on the recipient and the process. A short, concise introduction enhances the roles of experts and mentors into communicators and facilitators.

Structured transfer of knowledge between people

Facilitated by one platform that minimises the use of documentation

  • New employees
    / Onboarding

    What do I need to know to be good at my job?

    How should I learn this and who will teach me?

  • Implementing new initiatives

    Who is affected by the implementation of a new process, product or technology?

    What do they need to know about the new initiative, how do they become aware of it and who should teach them about it?

  • Structured skills enhancement

    What do I need to know to be good at my new job?

    How should I learn this and who will teach me?

  • Departing employees

    What expert knowledge disappears when an employee leaves a company?

    How do you ensure that this knowledge is transferred before the employee departs from the company?